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Get actionable insights with myBizScore report


myBizScore is a numeric score between 0 and 100, given to a technology venture after assessment on key parameters. A report is also generated alongside to give impartial guidelines of your strength and areas of improvement, with specific action items.

This assessment (score and report) is automatic without human intervention. The innovation quotient is arrived at through the analysis by a mentor.

Assessment is divided based on different stage of the Start-ups. It is divided into three stages:

  • Early Stage (Idea Stage, Seed Stage and Early Product Validation Stage)
  • Revenue Generating Stage
  • Growth Stage
Some assessments change due to peculiarities of the sector

What are the benefits of this assessment?

Founders who need to be self-aware of their venture readiness

Founders who want to find out steps or actions they need to take in their venture

Its costs Free

For the early-stage ventures

What else do you get by undertaking the assessment?

  • You get access to The Startup Board platform (kind of LinkedIn for entrepreneurs) where you get many sector reports free of charge
  • You can post your challenges on the Founder only wall (not accessible to mentors and investors) for other founders to suggest solutions (This is very popular in the USA)
  • You get lots of articles to read that are meant to aware you on the vocabulary and empower you to avoid costly mistakes entrepreneur may make
  • You can connect with other founders, mentors and investors on the platform and organize meetings with them