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This platform is to make your entrepreneurial journey easier. Created by a serial entrepreneur, this platform can connect you with mentors, investors and vendors. Make the best use of it.

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Get actionable insights for your business.

myBizScore is a numeric score between 0 and 100, given to a technology venture after assessment on key parameters. A report is generated to give impartial insights on your business with best practice action items relating to Business Model / Strategy Attractiveness, Key People sufficiency, Current Status readiness, Financial Sufficiency, and Scalability Potential.

See Sample Report and FAQ.

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TSB Boardroom Revenue Accelerator

Dhandha hai toh Funding aa hi jayegi (Once you have revenue, funding is not far).

  • Multiply your sales reach with the connections of our CXO network!
  • Program meant for Revenue generating, tech startups in IT Services, SaaS and Deep-tech (AI/ML, Blockchain, AR/VR, NLP, IOT, Quantum).

For more details, Click here

Connect with Mentors

Create your board of advisors with complementary skills, just like the board of directors guide the executive team of a big company.

Connect with Investors

Many investors are bombarded with pitch decks on emails that they are unable to assess. Here investors are able to shortlist based on filters, increasing the chance to find you.

Showcase Your Venture

Put the Pitch Deck and Venture video on your profile for interested mentor or investors to see. Let the profile work even if you are sleeping.

Virtual video meetings

Talk to your mentors or investors on the platform itself, without a need for additional VC software. You may invite your team members too into the meeting.

Join the events

Get to know and join the events, relevant to you. You may offer to be a speaker

Get educated

Get educated with Startup terminology, concepts, funding fundas, best practices, among others

Access to analytics

Access to sector analysis, and deep insights about the technology you are using (coming)

Save time in finding vendors

Verified vendors are more credible to source from at negotiated rates (coming)

Ecosystem Products

Get the best products from fellow founders, or other companies (coming)

Support from Incubator

Want to take support from Incubator/Accelerator – they are here too (coming)

Latest Govt. Schemes

Get to know govt. schemes that are launched from time to time, corporate challenges and competition (coming)

Product Development

Want to access the labs for product development - Know them all here (coming)