For Mentors

Startup founders are creating the disruptions at a fraction of cost that corporate probably would be able to do. It is stimulating to discuss, advice and gain insights in brainstorming sessions with founders. Many foreign company executives are already using mentoring not only to support entrepreneurs and their journey, but also to de-risk their current business or enter into the new emerging sectors.

Mentors for startupboard

Connect with Founder

Senior corporate professionals are talking to Startup founders for stimulated two-way learning. This also helps them in their workplace. Advising and exposing connections to help support founders doesn’t go waste.


If so chosen, mentors can charge and founders select you appropriately. Remuneration methods are not only cash but many others.

Choose Founders & Venture

TSB help you choose from wide variety of founders and ventures, with sectors of your interest and competency.

Virtual video meeting

Talk to founders on the platform itself, without a need for additional VC software. You may invite other colleagues too into the meeting.

Join the events

Get to know and join the events, relevant to you. You may offer to be a speaker.

Access to analytics

Access to sector analysis, and deep insights about the technology you are working on (coming).

Ecosystem Products

Get the best products from fellow founders, or other companies (coming).

Save time in finding vendors

Verified vendors are more credible to source from at negotiated rates (coming).

Support from Incubator

Want to take support from Incubator / Accelerator – they are here too (coming).

Product Development

Want to access the labs for product development - Know them all here (coming).