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  • From:Jan 7, 2022, 10:30 AM
  • To:Jan 7, 2022, 12:00 PM
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Avoid Red Flags from funding due diligence

Avoid red flags from your funding potential, by design

Many promising founders and ventures are unable to attract funding from networked and strategic investors, just because those investors are pricky about the health of documentation and transaction records of the venture.

Many founders are not aware during the initial phase, what to maintain and how? This can be costly for complying later. It is better to be aware than sorry.

There are many situations, founders need to be armed with information, in order to adopt such processes from the beginning. Some questions that will be answered, besides audience queries, are

1. How due diligence differ on the size and stage of the startup?
2. Does due diligence changes on the investment amount or number of investors?
3. Legal, Commercial and Financial due diligence - which are red flags for an angel investor(s)?
4. Which processes one must adopt from inception to avoid difficulty in fulfilling conditions later?
5. How to safeguard trade secret from the fall-out of due diligence process?
6. How does nature of due diligence changes from pre-funding to post funding?
7. In case of red-flags, how the effect can be mitigated for key non-compliances?

Make the best of it. Happy Entrepreneurship!

About the Speaker
Amit Singal is widely known in the startup circles in India for proficient CA, investor, and a startup evengalist.

Amit is General Partner at Fluid Ventures, Director at ASR Business Advisors Pvt. Ltd. and have been CEO of Startup Buddy.

He has a demonstrated history of working in the accounting industry. Skilled in Internal Audit, Corporate Finance, Managerial Finance, and External Audit. Strong business development professional graduated from The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.