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By Ajay Batra

How to build an entrepreneurial mindset?

Few ingredients to creating an entrepreneurial mindset are

  • Starting-up is a marathon, and not a sprint
  • Help your customers delight their customers
  • Work “on” your business
  • Observe. Make. Test. Improve
  • Planning is more important than plans
  • Ideas don’t change the world. Action does.
  • Focus and learn to say “no”
  • If you just build it, they may not come
  • Build great work culture from Day One

Here is an action plan in creating such mindset


  • Develop an entrepreneurial mindset of curiosity, action and reflection
  • Save time and money by following a road-map with clear milestones
  • Evaluate business opportunities from customers’ perspective
  • Situate the startup objectively with the broader competitive landscape
  • Build products or services that address validated customer needs
  • Discover robust business models for the venture
  • Build a cohesive and dedicated initial team
  • Launch with limited resources
  • Focus not just on starting-up, but on achieving lasting success
  • Focus on intrinsic robustness that naturally attracts funding attention
  • Empower the team to manage scale and complexity


  • Having a solution-looking-for-a-problem approach
  • The frustration of not understanding customer needs well
  • The confusion of starting-up with many untested assumptions about the product, customers or partners
  • Friction between co-founders
  • Cash burn while trying to juggle the many tasks related to starting up
  • The anxiety associated with pursuing ideas with weak revenue and growth potential
  • Reluctance of the founders to “let go”
  • Either taking too long to launch or launching in haste without adequate preparations
  • Over-focusing on the product or service development, at the cost of market development
  • Chasing external funds without clarity on the startup’s purpose and strengths.

This is an extract from Ajay Batra's book -The Startup Launchbook (, published by Wiley