Your Business Plan – Make it Right

A co-development workshop

Objectives of the Program

How to arrive at with confidence on your business model having weigh in others in contrast to a perspective

  • To understand variety of business models that gets adopted by other start-ups, not necessarily the big and successful ones
  • To critically examine what went right and wrong with the way they were implemented
  • Provide fodder by taking few case studies from the attending participants, how to make it right
  • Bring collective wisdom to brainstorm suitability of ideas to your business plan

Participants’ Profile

  • Young graduates from colleges and professional institutes wanting to commence entrepreneurial journey
  • Professionals with vast service experience with one or more functional expertise
  • Women venturing into business of their own or want to grow their existing business
  • Family business owners who wish to divest into emerging industries
  • Senior managers bestowed responsibility of new business unit in medium-large organization, wanting to run it as spin-off unit
  • Existing small enterprises looking at how to scale-up


It is one day contact workshop program. During which 30 minutes exclusive session is devoted to each start-up in building their unique business plan outline. It is followed up with telephonic support for a period of one month from the workshop, to make any course corrections. Medium of communication is conducted in English and Hindi.


This programme discusses the best practices adopted in the industry worldwide with important practical perspectives brought by industry professionals

  • It is unique for its programme structure, not only workshop based deliver and forget, but handhold during one month period
  • It is a practical approach with experiential knowledge

Admission Criterion

Admission to the programme will be through an application process.

  • Stage 1 – Participants fill up a small form mentioning their intent of why they wish to join this program
  • Stage 2 – Selection by a panel

High Level Programme Conception

The deliverable from the program is – Ready outline of your business plan.

  • Macro view on different successful business models of B2B and B2C
  • Identifying gaps in some existing and popular business models
  • Business model that disrupts
  • Writing a business plan - What is the goal and how will it be achieved
  • Presenting the business plan to investors and red flags
  • Process to get the business plan validated.
  • Videos, live online sessions

Charging mechanism / Fees

Program is charged and fees is available during the launch campaign


Team comprise of senior professionals in the functional areas from the industry. The whole programme is based on practical tips and is expected to leverage the contacts and working knowledge of the professionals.

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