An Entrepreneur Mentoring Programme

Objectives of the program

Structured mentoring to start-up with know-how and connections

  • To provide strategic management support to start-up entrepreneurs or enterprises to scale-up
  • To coach and help “take-to-market” entrepreneurship ventures
  • To encourage professionals in sharing resources and expertise
  • To provide a platform for collaborative and networking opportunities by integrating the business eco-system
  • To provide practical strategic inputs to founders to help increase chances of success by co-developing their business plans and handholding during the execution phase

Participants’ Profile

  • Young graduates from colleges and professional institutes wanting to commence entrepreneurial journey
  • Professionals with vast service experience with one or more functional expertise
  • Women venturing into business of their own or want to grow their existing business
  • Family business owners who wish to divest into emerging industries
  • Senior managers bestowed responsibility of new business unit in medium-large organization, wanting to run it as spin-off unit
  • Existing small enterprises looking at how to scale-up


The programme is of approximately 6 months duration, with 3 days contact workshop, followed by virtual mentoring and execution feedback sessions, ending with 2 days correction workshop.

Medium of Communication

English and Hindi


This programme carries following innovative concepts, possibly first time in India.

  • It is unique for its programme structure, not only workshop based deliver and forget, but handhold during six months period (or extended as per demand)
  • It satisfies the need of the professionals to contribute to entrepreneur eco-system, enabling and providing confidence to them for a possible start-up by them
  • It is a practical approach with experiential knowledge during strategy execution

Admission Criterion

Admission to the programme will be through an application process.

  • Stage 1 – Participants fill up a small form mentioning their intent of why they wish to join this course
  • Stage 2 – Shortlisted participants will be invited to present their business plan and the motivation behind it
  • Stage 3 – Selection by a panel

High Level Programme Conception

The programme will commence with a deliverable - Business plan. Functional knowledge viz, Strategy, Marketing, Technology, HR and Finance are discussed to make executable sub plans. It is aimed at helping entrepreneur in the development of business plan and its validation in the execution phase.

  • Strategy – Business plan, Organization structure, International trade
  • Human Resources management – Hiring key people, Talent management strategies, L&D, Customized policies and processes
  • Sales and Marketing – Positioning the company and products, Segmentation, Promotion, Pricing, Channel Development, Bid Management, Sales Cycle
  • Finance – Optimising financial options, Management and Control of funds, leverage debt, Raising money
  • Government – schemes, incentives, taxation, treaties, compliance
  • Technology – Working with technology, technology for cost reduction and efficiency, tools
  • Partnerships – Tie-ups, legal documentation, connecting with eco-system and leveraging
  • Contracting – Do’s and Don’ts
  • Sector specific knowledge – Market trends, Pain areas

Charging mechanism / Fees

Programme is charged and is calculated basis the involvement of the know-how team.

However, this program is not just a consulting assignment, but a more holistic hand-holding like board of director mentor the CEO and management team of a big organization, with their vast experience and mature perspective.


Team comprise of senior professionals in the functional areas from the industry. The whole programme is based on practical tips and is expected to leverage the contacts and working knowledge of the professionals.

Team comprises of senior experts from each of the following functional areas. Team is three levels deep but is modelled based on the need of the founders, excluding the complementary skills that founders possess.

For example, first level is the core know-how team consisting of

  • Strategy
  • Human Resources
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Finance
  • Technology

Second level is Information team sourced for

  • Government policies
  • Intellectual Property and trademark protection
  • Partnerships
  • Others as needed

Third level comprises of sector specific professionals who help the entrepreneur with industry practices and deep domain knowledge at strategic level.

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