By S S Lal

There are many social media sites that could be reviewed, but LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook remain the most widely used, so I will focus on them. Given their huge following, and with users numbering in the millions, I coined the phrase social media "power trio" to refer to these popular sites.

1) Use the social media “power trio” – LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook wisely
Effective brand building with social media starts with focusing on your brand needs - not yours, to build quality relationships.

2) Leverage social media as a catalyst to build “online” connections to get “offline” meetings.
Grow - a strong, dynamic social media presence to expand your business network, and cast a wide net to reach more potential followers / customers.

3) Invest time and money in SEO - Your advertisement to your potential customers that "You Exist" will reach them only through search engine optimization (SEO). It is also due to mindset, not anyone will spend million dollars in social media even if ready to spend in conventional media. SEO is the tool to reach unproportionately high number of users against the money spent. 

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