By S S Lal

Nike's famous slogan "Just Do It" is really bad advice when it comes to conducting a marketing campaign for your small business. But this is what passes for a marketing plan for a lot of small businesses. They place an ad here and an ad there, put up a website or a Facebook page, and call their marketing campaign done. Unfortunately, this sort of "doing-this-and-that" marketing approach is like fishing on dry land; you can cast as much as you like, but you're not going to catch anything because you're nowhere near the pond.

How do you get your line to where the fish are? Follow the following steps to run a successful marketing campaign.

1) Know how your marketing campaign fits into your marketing plan.
2) Set your marketing campaign objective and parameters.
3) Determine how you will measure success.
4) Set your marketing campaign budget.
5) Choose your marketing strategies to communicate with the customers.

If these look very generic and quite bookish, this is the way. Importance lies to to validate your campaign aligns with the strategy and know how to measure its effectiveness. 

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