By Naveen Coomar

It is important to define ‘good’ people and let me confirm that this definition will be different for different organizations, at different time periods of the organizational life cycle.

Always hire for attitude and train for skills. Matching skills with the requirement most often drives hiring. That is a definite recipe for failure.

Hire people who think and aspire to be an entrepreneur. If their heart is with the project then they will acquire all skills required to be successful and also apply it beyond 100%. This criteria of selection is what can ‘really attract’ good people. Offer not a high compensation. Offer not a great work environment. Instead, offer that they will be challenged every day to do better than themselves. Offer instead that there will not be any respite from finding new challenges every day. Offer instead that they will be required to monitor their performance themselves. Offer instead that everyday will bring new challenges, challenges that cannot be defined today, at the time of hiring.

Most good people are attracted by an opportunity to do something new, challenge their current capability to demonstrate to themselves that they are better than this.

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